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Zing Conferences enable you to exchange ideas and develop collaborations with colleagues in a focused and relaxed environment.

To help us create this environment, we have;

  • World-leading conference chairs
  • World-renowned speakers
  • Exciting new research & attendees from all corners of the globe
  • Ample time for discussion & networking
  • Free time to relax with your colleagues
  • Helpful & friendly Zing team
  • Accommodation, food & drink programs
  • High-quality venues
  • Great locations

Upcoming Conferences

  • Nanocrystals Conference

    13/07/2014 - 16/07/2014

  • Protein Folding Conference

    16/07/2014 - 19/07/2014

  • Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Conference

    19/07/2014 - 22/07/2014

  • DNA Polymerases Conference

    31/08/2014 - 04/09/2014

  • Biology of Human Aging Conference

    19/09/2014 - 22/09/2014

  • Congratulations to the winners of the Poster Prizes at the Zing Ribosomes Conference 2013 - Yasser Hashem, Reut Shalgi, Homa Ghalei and Daniel MacDougall.

  • "I was extremely delighted for being awarded in the Ribosome meeting, and I felt that my small contribution to the ribosome field matters, which is naturally what every scientific undertake aspires to." Yasser Hashem

  • "It was an honor to be awarded a poster prize in Ribosome 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference and would like to thank the organizers for the award and the great meeting." Homa Ghalei

  • "For sure one of the best meetings I have ever been to, awesome! Thanks to Jeff and Christine for making it happen and to the Zing staff for the flawless organization."

    Gilles Van Wezel

  • "Thank you so much for supplying us so wonderful opportunity to stay in Mexico. We all enjoyed the Nanomaterials Conference. Both the science and scenery are impressive."

    Dai-Wen Pang

  • "Many thanks to the Zing Team for the perfect organization of this conference, whose scientific content fitted very well my research interests, and which, in particular, allowed me to gain new insights into different modes of oligomer formation and allosteric behaviour of proteins."

    Manfred Konrad

  • “I would say that the attraction of the Zing format is the informality of the meeting. This encourages people to be more open and speculative, both in their presentations and in contributions to the discussions. ”

    Robert Hillman

  • "The lectures were of very high standard and very well received. I can only recommend this kind of meeting to any future participant."

    Evamarie Hey-Hawkins

The Zing Student Grant

We are proud to introduce the Zing Student Grant which offers students the chance to attend a conference free of charge. To enter, simply register for a conference and submit your abstract for consideration. For more information, please follow this link : The Zing Student Grant (T&C's apply)

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