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2nd Zing Bacterial Cell Biology Conference 2013

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Bacterial cells in space and time

Bacteria-Pic-300x201The last decade has seen a revolution in our understanding of the cellular organization of bacterial cells, brought about by advances in microscopy and the application of novel cell biological methods. Rather than being simply ‘bags of chemicals’, bacterial cells are now known to be highly organized with many cellular components targeted with exquisite precision to particular locations, or undergoing remarkable spatial dynamics.

The Conference will review the current state of the art, both in methodology and its application to some of the most important functions in the cell, including (but not limited to) chromosome replication and dynamics, gene expression, cell morphogenesis and polarity, cell division, and cell motility. The major experimental model organisms will be well represented, as well as a range of less mainstream organisms chosen because they support novel methodological advances or illustrate important biological problems.

Speakers will be drawn from the leading experts in each area, and the line up will expose delegates to both the major established players and a selection of up and coming research leaders. Additional speakers will be selected from the submitted abstracts to present short talks.

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The Conference Chairs


Christine Jacobs-Wagner
Yale University


Jeff Errington
University of Newcastle

Abstract Submission Deadlines

Talk Consideration – 9th August 2013Poster Deadline – 9th October 2013

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The Venue

Occidental Grand Xcaret
Playa del Carmen, Mexico.




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9th December 2013 – 12th December 2013

Located adjacent to the spectacular eco-archeological Xcaret Park in the heart of the Riviera Maya, the Occidental Grand Xcaret offers delegates the chance to exchange ideas and develop collaborations with colleagues in the tranquil setting of the Caribbean Sea.

Xcaret Park is Mexico’s most famous eco-archeological attraction. It is a beautiful place full of culture and nature where visitors can enjoy amazing aquatic activities, cultural attractions and shows. Xcaret Park is filled with the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the magic of a thousand year- old civilization. It is the perfect place to experience the best of Mexico.

Hotel Features
11 Restaurants
5 swimming pools
10 Jacuzzis
Fully Equipped Gym
Beach Club
Organized sports and activities (pádel, tennis, mini golf and archery)

Venue Rating****
Nearest AirportCancún International Airport
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Invited Speakers

SpeakerAffiliationPresentation Title
Bert PoolmanUniversity of GroningenBacterial cell volume regulation and traffic in crowded environments 
Daniel WallUniversity of WyomingMolecular recognition and cooperativity among myxobacteria: A tale of a polymorphic cell surface receptor
David SherrattUniversity of OxfordBacterial chromosome replication; repair and segregation at high-resolution
Frederic BoccardCNRSOrganization of the Ori Macrodomain and implications for the control of chromosome segregation in E. coli
Gilles van WezelLeiden UniversityCross-membranes coordinate septum-site localization and nucleoid occlusion during vegetative growth of Streptomyces
Grant JensenCaltechNew insights into peptidoglycan assembly structure‚ and function from electron cryotomography
Heath MurrayNewcastle UniversityRegulation of DNA replication initiation in Bacillus Subtilis
Ido GoldingBaylor College of MedicineImaging-based Quantification of Transcriptional Regulation in Individual Cells
Jie XiaoJohns Hopkins University School of Medicine Bacterial cell division in Superreoslution
Joe LutkenhausUniversity of Kansas Medical CenterFtsZ – more tales about the tail
Johan ElfUppsala UniversityDirect measurements of transcription factor mediated gene regulation
Joshua ShaevitzPrinceton UniversityGeometric control of cell growth revealed through simultaneous‚ three-dimensional measurements of bacterial cell shape and protein localization
Justine CollierUniversity of LausanneControl of cell division by DNA methylation in Caulobacter
Liz SockettQueen’s Medical CentreTemporal events in the destruction of prey by predatory Bdellovibrio
Maria SchumacherDuke UniversityBacterial chromosomal macrodomain selective proteins and their roles in chromosome organization segregation and cell division
Mark ButtnerJohn Innes CentreThe role of c-di-GMP in Streptomyces development
Martin ThanbichlerPhilipps University MarburgBactofilins as polar landmarks in Myxococcus xanthus
Paul WigginsUniversity of WashingtonProtein Localization Dynamics in E Coli.
Petra LevinWashington University in St LouisA division dependent cell cycle checkpoint
Sean CrossonThe University of ChicagoA cell cycle and environmental checkpoint system controls bacterial surface adhesion
Thomas D BernhardtHarvard Medical SchoolRegulation of bacterial cell wall assembly and remodeling 
Jeff MoffittHarvard UniversitySpatial Organization in mRNA Degradation
Yves DufreneUniversite catholique de LouvainAtomic force microscopy: a Nanoscopic window on the bacterial cell surface

Contributing Speakers

Sonja – Verena Albers
Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Biology
The third way to swim

Bradley Parry
HHMI, Yale University
Glassy Dynamics of The Bacterial Cytoplasm

Boris Sieger
Ludwig Maximilians University
Analysis of the apical cell growth machinery from Corynebacterium glutamicum
Henrik Strahl
Newcastle University
The actin homolog MreB organizes the bacterial cell membrane

Richard Brennan
Duke University School of Medicine
Understanding the function of HipA, an unusual serine/threonine protein kinase, and its role in bacterial multidrug tolerance and persistence

Julie Biteen
University of Michigan
Super-resolution studies of biomolecular structure, cooperativity, and dynamics in living bacteria

Nathalie Campo
Midcell recruitment of the DNA uptake nuclease, EndA, for pneumococcal transformation

Nynke Dekker
TU Delft
Dynamics of the β sliding clamp in Escherichia coli observed using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy

David Adams
Newcastle University
Direct Membrane Binding by Noc Reveals a Novel Mechanism for Nucleoid Occlusion in Bacteria

Jessica Polka
Harvard Medical School
The carboxysome, the cyanobacterial carbon-fixing organelle, replicates by templated cargo assembly
Piotr Szwedziak
Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Architecture of the FtsZ-Ring in Vivo and in Vitro Suggests a Sliding Filament Constriction Mechanism
Rachael Barry
Princeton University
Product-stimulated polymerization inhibits the enzymatic activity of CTP Synthetase

Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Please note: This programme is subject to change and will be updated as information is received.

We will always display the most current version we hold and strongly recommend periodically reviewing this document.

Conference Fees

StandardAccompanying Adult Accompanying Child (0-5 years)Accompanying Child (6-11 years)Extra Night AdultExtra Night Child (0-5 years)Extra Night Child (6-11 Years)
Day Pass$800
Payment DeadlineOct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30

Delegate Fees: Include conference registration and attendance, accommodation, all meals and drinks on a specially negotiated all-inclusive package and The Gala Night (including any accompanying persons).

Day Pass: includes conference registration and attendance, lunch and coffee breaks on conference days and The Gala Night. To register with a day pass please use the specified link below.

Accompanying Persons Fees: Include the same specially negotiated all-inclusive package as delegates excluding conference attendance.

Additional Night Fees: Prices are per person per night.

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