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About Zing – A Community Interest Company.

Zing Conferences C.I.C. is a Cambridge based scientific conference company.

A CIC is a not for profit company with social objectives that works to earn profits for the purpose of reinvesting back into this specific community.

Zing has been successfully organising and running scientific and medical conferences internationally since 2007, providing opportunity for the global community of scientific activity and interest to meet, exchange ideas and stimulate fruitful collaborations. Set in specifically chosen venues, each conference aims to bring together a range of expertise, from Academia to Industry, from the Professional to the Student, and provide a beautiful and serene environment in which to present and discuss their respective work.

Zing Conferences is the promotion of inter-disciplinary communication; of the successful cross-pollination of theories and research amongst the many allied scientific fields. To promote this free exchange and dissemination of new ideas and research, all delegates are invited to compete for a place in the main lecture programme, or to present their work as part of the Poster Session by submitting abstracts for Chair-lead consideration.

Profits generated, will now be donated to scientific research projects and student bursaries related to the conferences that have taken place that year to encourage further high quality research in these fields.

The benefits of a Community Interest Company (CIC) far outweighs the benefits of a charity. It works with each individual community in science, letting them grow as much as they want without being capped. By working together on each project, we can extend the rewards for research development.

Zing has been extremely well supported by the scientific community, Zing Conferences C.I.C. now wishes to give something back. Each time Zing is able to pass on donations to the scientific community they want it to make a difference to the vital and pioneering research working together for the future of the science.

Zing also appreciates that Universities and colleges are finding it a challenge to be able to send delegates to conferences each year. Zing has been told by several of their Chairs that their contribution, however small will be very welcome.

Zing is also passionate about the issue of women in science. This year Zing introduced a new gender equality statement explaining their policy on the gender balance of people speaking at and attending our conferences as well as a new advisory board which includes a representative of women in science, Prof. Marie-Louise Saboungi (IMPMC)

Jane Hill, is the C.E.O. of Zing Conferences C.I.C. Jane has worked for Zing Conferences for many years and is delighted to now be leading her unsurpassable and extremely professional staff into this exciting NOT FOR PROFIT company. It has taken many years of hard work to build the reputation and knowledge to become a leading conference organiser. With over 40 new conferences released or due to be published for the next couple of years, Zing C.I.C. has a wonderful future and strong alliance with the scientific world.

Mission Statement

Zing Conferences strives to benefit the scientific and research community through our conferences.  Our objectives are driven by the desire to reinvest back into the scientific community and not for the profit of shareholders. We work towards strengthening the diversity and equality for young scientists by assisting in the cost of conference attendance for those up and coming scientists who have limited funds and who would not otherwise be able to attend or contribute to worldwide research. By enhancing the communication among scientists and promoting the inter-disciplinary message we aim to successfully cross-pollinate the theories of research in each and every one of our conferences.

Meet The Zing Team