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Coordination Chemistry – 2013

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Coordination chemistry is a fundamental topic within Chemistry and this years Coordination Chemistry Conference will, as with the past three Coordination Chemistry conferences, have sub-focus areas within structural, stability, kinetic and reactivity of coordination compounds. The 2013 meetings focus areas are Materials and Nanomaterials including Soft Materials, MOFs and Super-Molecular Materials, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Catalysis, and Organometallic Chemistry.

Each plenary section will be followed by long and short talks, many of which will be selected from the pool of submitted abstracts. We will select one young investigator from contributed talks as our Young Investigator Presentation and we will issue poster awards for students.


Coordination Chemistry Conference 2011 – Mexico

Articles from attendees were included in a special edition of European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry in 2012.

The Conference Chairs


Debbie Crans

Colorado State University


Ebbe Nordlander

Lund University

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Abstract Submission Deadlines

Poster Deadline – 5th October 2013

Abstract Information Abstract Template Word Format Abstract Template .pdf Format

The Venue

Occidental Grand Xcaret
Playa del Carmen, Mexico.




Transfers & Tours

5th December 2013 – 9th December 2013

Located adjacent to the spectacular eco-archeological Xcaret Park in the heart of the Riviera Maya, the Occidental Grand Xcaret offers delegates the chance to exchange ideas and develop collaborations with colleagues in the tranquil setting of the Caribbean Sea.

Xcaret Park is Mexico’s most famous eco-archeological attraction. It is a beautiful place full of culture and nature where visitors can enjoy amazing aquatic activities, cultural attractions and shows. Xcaret Park is filled with the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the magic of a thousand year- old civilization. It is the perfect place to experience the best of Mexico.

Hotel Features
11 Restaurants
5 swimming pools
10 Jacuzzis
Fully Equipped Gym
Beach Club
Organized sports and activities (pádel, tennis, mini golf and archery)

Venue Rating****
Nearest AirportCancún International Airport
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Plenary Speakers


Armando Pombeiro
Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa

Functionalization of Alkanes under Mild Conditions: a Challenge to Coordination Chemistry


Chien-Tien Chen
National Tsing Hua University

C4-Symmetric Oxidovanadium Quadruplexes for Synergistic Ion-specific Transport‚ Asymmetric Amplified Transcription‚ and Catalysis


Alfred P. Sattelberger
Argonne National Laboratory

Connecting the Molecular and Solid State Chemistry of Technetium


Franc Meyer
Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen

Metal-Metal and Metal-Ligand Cooperativity in Pyrazolate-Based Oligonuclear Complexes


Kenneth D Karlin
Johns Hopkins University

Primary Copper Dioxygen Complex Structure and Reactivity Studies


William Tolman 
University of Minnesota

Copper-Oxygen Intermediates Relevant to Metalloenzymes and Other Oxidation Catalysts 


Serena DeBeer
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Chemische Energiekonversion

Insights into the Electronic Structure of the FeMo Cofactor of Nitrogenase


Andy Hor Tzi Sum

Flexible Hybrid Ligands: Design, Value & Functions

Invited Speakers

SpeakerAffiliationPresentation Title
Arjan W KleijInstitute of Chemical Research of Catalonia  Coordination compounds for the construction of functional naomaterials
Craig C McLauchlanIllinois State UniversityLigand-Bridged Dimers of Vanadium(III/IV) Complexes
Ivan Castillo PerezUnivesidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoRedox non-innocent bezimidazole-thioether Ligands in Copper-dioxygen systems
Jeff Zaleski Indiana UniversityThermally and Magnetically Activated Radical Nanoparticles: From New Material Morphologies to Dissolution of Biopolymers
John Protasiewicz Case Western Reserve UniversityConjugated Materials Featuring Phosphorus-Carbon Multiple Bonds
Ketul Popat Colorado State University Titania Nanotube Arrays as Interfaces for Blood Contacting Interfaces
Lahcene Ouahab University of Rennes  Single Molecule Magnet Behaviour and Luminescence in Lanthanide complexes based on redox active ligands derived from Tetrathiafulvalene.
Michael Johnson New Mexico State UniversityChemical Reactivity in Confinement
Miguel Julve University of ValenciaRational design of new magnetic systems based on old but evergreen ligands 
Mir Wais  Hosseini University of Strasbourg From tectons to crystals of crystals
Monte HelmPacific Northwest National LaboratoryRational design of molecular electrocatalysts for oxidation and production of H2 using first row transition metals
Norah Barba-BehrensUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoMagnetic; electronic and structural properties of chiral coordination compounds of biological relevant ligands
Tianbo LiuThe University of AkronSelf-assembly and Self-recognition in Macroionic Solutions of Metal-oxide Clusters and Metal-organic Nanocages – Where Simple ions; Colloids and Polyelectrolytes Meet
Hiroshi NishiharaThe University of TokyoInterfacial Synthesis of Electronically Functional Metal Complex Nanowires and Nanosheets
Hiroki OshioUniversity of TsukubaMetal Complexes with Multi-bistability
Nikolay GerasimchukMissouri State UniversitySynthesis‚ Properties and Applications of Light Insensitive Silver(I) Cyanoximates
Jaeheung ChoDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST)Transition Metal Active Oxygen Adducts in Biomimetic Reactions
Toshiyuki MoriuchiOsaka UniversityBioorganometallic Conjugates Composed of Organometallic Compounds and Nucleobases
Masa-aki HagaChuo UniversitySequence Programmed Assembly of Redox-Active Metal Complexes toward Molecular Functional Devices
David Morales MoralesUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoChemistry of Pincer Compounds. Accounts of a Mexican Research Laboratory

Contributing Speakers

Elizabeth Nolan – MIT
Dorothee Berthomieu – ICGM CNRS ENSCM
Viktor Brabec – Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Angela Casini – University of Groningen
Andrea Deak – Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Gabriele Meloni – California Institute of Technology
Dmitriy Goussev – Wilfrid Laurier University
Erica Ording-Wenker – Leiden University
Shashidhar Nagarbenchi – S.D.M College of Engineering and Technology
Julia Torres – Facultad de Quimica
Kasper Pedersen – University of Copenhagen
M. Fátima Guedes da Silva – Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
Giulia Licini – University of Padova
Robert Deeth – University of Warwick
Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt – University of Amsterdam
Soumyajit Roy – IISER-Kolkata
Oliver Shafaat – California Institute of Technology
Anders Reinholdt – University of Copenhagen
Luis Lemus – University of Santiago
Bohuslav Drahos – Palacky University Olomouc
Irma Sánchez Lombardo – Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Wojciech Bal – Polish Academy of Sciences
Lucia Otero – Facultad de Quimica
Hans-Jörg Krüger – Technical University Kaiserslautern
Cortlandt Pierpont – University of Colorado
Pablo Rivera Fuentes – MIT
Masako Kato – Hokkaido University
Antonio Fernandez – The University of Manchester
Ken Czerwinski – University of Nevada
Eric Bloch – University of California

Conference Programme

A copy of the conference programme can be viewed here Conference Programme

Conference Fees

StandardAccompanying Adult Accompanying Child (0-5 years)Accompanying Child (6-11 years)Extra Night AdultExtra Night Child (0-5 years)Extra Night Child (6-11 Years)
Day Pass$800
Payment DeadlineOct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30Oct 30

Delegate Fees: Include conference registration and attendance, accommodation, all meals and drinks on a specially negotiated all-inclusive package and The Gala Night (including any accompanying persons).

Day Pass: includes conference registration and attendance, lunch and coffee breaks on conference days and The Gala Night. To register with a day pass please use the specified link below.

Accompanying Persons Fees: Include the same specially negotiated all-inclusive package as delegates excluding conference attendance.

Additional Night Fees: Prices are per person per night.

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