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Information For Conference Speakers

What computers can I use? | What format should my presentation follow?s | What presentation aids are available? | Speaker time allocation | Presentations on the first day | Further Information

As a speaker at one of our upcoming conferences, we would like to give you some information about the requirements for presentations at the venue.

What computers can I use?

You can give your presentation at the conference either via your own computer or by using one of the Zing laptops that will be available at the meeting.

If you would prefer to use your own computer, please bring your laptop to the AV desk on the day prior to your presentation and check your computer works in harmony with the on-site equipment. If using your own computer, please provide any adaptors, if required, to connect to a VGA system (see photo below). Apple Mac users will usually require an adaptor.

VGAIf you would prefer to use a Zing laptop, please submit your presentation via a USB stick to the AV desk on the day prior to your presentation. At this time you will be able to preview your presentation and check there are no issues. The computers in the conference hall are PC laptops with Windows 7 installed. Presentations should be prepared for PowerPoint or in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

All presentations loaded onto our system will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. We understand the work being presented may be unpublished or confidential. At the end of every session, all the completed presentations will be permanently deleted from our system. Delegates can request to witness their files being removed. Under no circumstances will copies be made available to anyone, or files stored after the presenters session is complete.

What format should my presentation follow?

The screen at the venue will be in the 4:3 format and all presenters are requested to ensure their presentations are in this format. Presentations not in this format may display incorrectly.
Should your presentation include video(s), the presentations (ppt or pptx files) and all audio/visual files must be in the same folder (without sub-folders) and named with the presenters surname.

What presentation aids are available?

Wireless slide advancers and laser pointers will be provided and can be demonstrated to you when reviewing your presentations at the AV desk. We also provide Session Chairs with a countdown timer which will show you the time remaining of your presentation slot.

Speaker time allocation

We request presenters pay particular attention to the time they have been allocated. The timetable for presentations will be closely monitored and controlled by the session chair. Each presenter should leave a few minutes free at the end of their allocated time for Questions & Answers (Q&A’s).

Presentations on the first day

Delegates making presentations on the first day of the conference should proceed to the Zing registration desk, allowing plenty of time before the conference starts, and inform the Zing staff who will guide them to the AV desk to preview their work.

Further Information

If you require any further information, have any special requirements or require any assistance please feel free to get in touch. Please click here to Email Stewart