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Lysosome Related Organelles 2014

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Lysosomes are essential to cellular health and are often implicated in disease. These ubiquitous organelles carry out essential housekeeping by degradation of cell components and disposal of exogeneously ingested components or even pathogens. That lysosomes are not just dead ends of the endocytic pathway is exemplified by their role in additional processes such as plasma membrane repair, entry of pathogens but also their participation in the invasion of cancer cells. This is also true for the lysosome-related organelles, cell-type specific modifications of the endomembrane system which have a variety of functions, but which all share some characteristics with lysosomes. The relationship between LROs and with lysosomes is reflected in their common susceptibility to mutations of the same cellular machinery.

This meeting on Lysosomes and Related Organelles will gather together leading scientists working in the field of lysosomes and LROs not only in eukaryotic cells but also model organisms. The focus of the meeting extends from the fundamental mechanisms of the biogenesis, regulation and secretion of this increasing family of organelles, to the diseases that affect them or in which they are involved, as well as the therapeutic strategies that are being designed and clinical trials that have begun to deal with these diseases.

Poster Prize We are pleased to announce a personal one year subscription for the journal ‘Cell’ is offered as a poster prize to be awarded at the conference. The winner can choose between online or print versions.

Conference Programme

Conference Programme
Please Note: This Programme is liable to change and will be updated regularly. We strongly recommend periodically reviewing this document.

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The Conference Chairs


Dan Cutler

University College London


Graca Raposo

Institut Curie

Abstract Submission Deadlines

Talk Consideration – 25th December 2013
Poster Deadline – 25th December 2013

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The Venue

Parador de Nerja
Nerja, Malaga. Spain



13th February 2014 – 16th February 2014

This contemporary Parador is situated on a cliff overlooking the beach and ocean, with a pleasant lawn complete with chaises and umbrellas where you can feel away from the madding-crowd below. You can choose to swim in the Parador’s swimming pool or take the private glass elevator/lift down to the beach. With bright and spacious common areas featuring works of art by well-known contemporary artists Bajola, Belén Comthe and Dario Basso; this property has a particularly pleasing ambiance and is the perfect location to absorb the scientific content of the conference and unwind during  free-time.


Transfers & Tours

Venue Rating****
Nearest AirportMálaga Airport
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Plenary Speakers


Andrea Ballabio
Baylor College of Medicine
Lysosomal Adaptation: How the Lysosome Responds to External Cues


Ewald Weibel
University of Berne
Here is something — but what is it? The discovery and characterization of Weibel-Palade-Bodies


Fran Platt
University of Oxford
Lysosome Related Organelle Dysfunction in NPC Disease


Gillian Griffiths
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Killer T cells: keeping secretory lysosomes on target


Helmut Krämer
Southwestern Medical Center
The fly eye as a tool to analyze trafficking to lysosome-related organelles 


Juan Bonifacino
National Institute of Health
Vesicle tethering complexes involved in endocytic recycling


Michael Marks
University of Pennsylvania
Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome and Lysosome-Related Organelle Biogenesis and Secretion

Invited Speakers

SpeakerAffiliationPresentation Title
Bernhard HoflackTU DresdenHow can an osteoclast build up an extracellular lysosome-related organelle?
Diane WardUniversity of UtahRegulating lysosome size: a matter of fusion and fission
Francisco Sánchez-MadridCNICNew mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication by exosomal RNA
Geneviève de Saint BasileInstitute ImagineImpaired cytotoxic granule exocytosis in inherited immune deficiencies: study of “giant” lysosome related organelle formation and exocytosis in Chediak-Higashi syndrome lymphocytes
Greg HermannLewis and Clark CollegeLysosome-Related Organelle Biogenesis in C. Elegans 
Judith KlumpermanUniversity of UtrechtThe Role of HOPS Complex Components in Organizing the Endo-Lysosomal System
Julie A BrillUniversity of TorontoPI4P Regulates Pigment Cell Morphogenesis and Function in the Drosophila Eye
Luis MayorgaUniversidad Nacional de CuyoExocytosis of the Acrosomal Granule in Human Sperm
Nia BryantUniversity of YorkSorting through the endosomal system into an insulin-sensitive store
Paul DietlUniversity of UlmExocytosis of the lamellar body‚ a calcium mobilizing secretory lysosome
Paul LuzioCambridge Institute for Medical ResearchThe Biogenesis and Function of Endolysosomes
Paul SaftigUniversity of KielEmerging roles of lysosomal membrane proteins in health and disease
Philippe ChavrierInstitut CurieMechanism of matrix metalloproteinase secretion during breast tumor cell invasion
Robert FlaumenhaftHarvard UniversityPlatelet Granule Exocytosis During Thrombus Formation in Vivo
Ronit Sagi-EisenbergTel Aviv UniversityRab5 is a novel regulator of mast cell secretory granules: impact on size‚ cargo and exocytosis
Santiago Di PietroColorado State UniversityThe Biogenesis of Melanosomes and Platelet Dense Granules
Sidney WhiteheartUniversity of Kentucky College of MedicineThe Platelet Release Reaction: Molecules and Mechanism
Susan GuttentagUniversity of PennsylvanniaLamellar Bodies as a Model Lysosome-Related Organelle
Willem StoorvogelUniverisity of UtrechtMHC class II traffic in dendritic cells

Contributing Speakers

SpeakerAffiliationPresentation Title
Carmen Alvarez-DominguezInstituto de Formación e Investigación Marqués de ValdecillaPhagosomes Induced by Cytokines Function as anti-Listeria Vaccines
Wim AnnaertKULeuven / VIBPresenilins control endosomal recycling via ARF6 to maintain lysosomal clearance in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease
Michel BagnatDuke UniversityUncovering mechanisms controlling notochord vacuole biogenesis and function in zebrafish
Duarte BarralNova Medical School of LisbonInteraction of malaria parasites with host late endocytic and autophagic pathways is essential for parasite liver stage development
Marine BretouInstitut CurieRegulation of Dendritic Cell Migration: An Unexpected Role of Lysosomes
Abhinav DiwanWashington University School of MedicineEnhancing Astrocytic Lysosome Biogenesis Facilitates Aβ Clearance and Attenuates Amyloid Plaque Pathogenesis
Francesco FerraroUniversity College LondonDetermining Weibel-Palade body size
Manfred FrickUniversity of UlmComplementary roles for Rock1 and MLCK in actin coat compression on fused lamellar bodies
Claudio GiraudoChildren’s Hopsital of Philadelphia-University of PennsylvaniaSNARE protein requirements for lytic granule exocytosis in immune cells
Wei LiChinese Academy of SciencesBLOS1 Interacts with SNX2 and TSG101 to Mediate Sequential Sorting of EGFR into Endosomal Compartments
Jing MaChinese Academy of SciencesBLOC-2 Deficiency Affects the Maturation and Exocytosis of Weibel-Palade Bodies in Vascular Endothelial Cells
Gaël MénaschéINSERMTerminal transport of lytic granules to the immune synapse is mediated by the kinesin-1/Slp3/Rab27a complex
Peter RosenthalMRC National Institute for Medical ResearchCryoEM Analysis of Von Willebrand Factor Storage in Endothelial Cells
Ragna SannerudKULeuven / VIBDistinct subcellular localisation patterns contribute to functional specificity of Presenilin1- and Presenilin2- associated γ-secretase
Brian StorrieUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesIs α-Granule Secretion via a Spigot? Observations from Super-Resolution Light Microscopy and Electron Tomography
Sofia TraikovTechnische Universität DresdenSeptin6 and Septin7 GTP binding proteins and multivesicular body biogenesis.
Aihua WeiChinese Academy of SciencesAberrant Localization and Trafficking of Melanosaml Proteins in Chinese OCA Patients
Kristiina KanervaUniversity of HelsinkiLDL cholesterol Recycles to The Plasma Membrane in CD63-positive Lysosome-Related Organelles
Eric Hewitt University of LeedsAnalysis of familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 4 mutations reveals that palmitoylation is essential for syntaxin 11 function in natural killer cells
Marie ReynierCNRS-INSERM-University of ToulouseRole of Rab11 GTPases in the maintenance of the Epidermal Barrier

Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Please Note: This Programme is liable to change and will be updated regularly. We strongly recommend periodically reviewing this document.

Conference Fees

StandardAccompanying Adult Accompanying ChildExtra Night AdultExtra Night Child
Conference Day Pass€750
Registration & Payment DeadlineJan 13 2014Jan 13 2014Jan 13 2014Jan 13 2014Jan 13 2014
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