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A New Approach

We have decided to take a new approach to sponsorship at our conferences. Rather than the generic “package” levels of Bronze to Platinum, we have decided to only offer bespoke, tailored packages, which are designed around your needs, to only include the most important aspects of the package for you. This ensures that you have a sponsorship fully customised to your marketing needs and are not paying for any unwanted aspects of a generic package.

As a sponsor of a Zing Conference you will have the opportunity to interact with passionate scientists who are eager to learn more about your products and services. In the grounds of our carefully selected conference venues, you will encounter prospective customers, as well as existing clients. Each conference is chaired by globally renowned professors, which enhances the profile and scientific caliber of the event. This in turn provides you as a sponsor with a unique opportunity to work alongside pioneering experts within your scientific field.

Package elements

Create your perfect package by selecting options from the list below, we can then work together to decide on the benefits you wish to receive and the budget available to you. We can incorporate registrations to be included in your package price, at the discounted speaker rate.

  1. Exhibition Space
  2. Advert in the online programme
  3. Sponsor a Plenary Speaker
  4. Promotional Material Distribution on Registration Desk
  5. Discounted Registration fees
  6. Hyperlinked Logo on event webpage
  7. 15 Minute Speaking Slot (Subject to Chairs abstract approval)
  8. Company Profile on the Programme
  9. Premium Logo position on Abstract Book (Whole page Ad)
  10. Sponsor a Session
  11. Pre-Session Logo Projection
  12. Sponsor a Coffee Break

We work closely with many of the top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that track and measure their ROI in the conferences they participate in. At Zing we have an optimised structure to increase key rating factors such as number of leads generated by sponsors, exhibition times, networking time, on-site assistance and quality of speakers. We can offer great value to sponsors and customise our packages to suit your unique marketing needs.



Exclusive Options

Exclusive Opening Welcome Reception – This option is great to show your companies support right from the beginning of the conference, by sponsoring the welcome drinks, you have the option to add your branding in many ways, from branded napkins to having an informational video projected in the background.

Exclusive Gala Dinner Sponsorship – As with the option above, you can add your branding to all aspects of the evening. The Gala Dinner is always a highlight of each conference, usually with the traditional foods and entertainment to the country we are in.

Exclusive Wi-Fi Sponsor – Your chance to provide free Wi-Fi to all delegates throughout the conference. You can select a landing page, this will be the first page all delegates see when logging on to the network. This is venue dependent – Some venues already provide free wifi to all guests in all areas, others do not. Get in touch to find out if your chosen conference has this option available.

Your Suggestion – If you have seen a package element a little different or out of the ordinary, at a previous conference you have attended, contact us and we will certainly try to accommodate, where possible.


Earlybird Discount – Be the first sponsor at any conference, and automatically receive 10% off your package price.

Mail-Out Discount – Discounts on package when you agree to send a mail out about the conference to your database.

Multi-conference sponsorship Discount – We have a wide range of topics, if you would like to participate in and support more than one conference, we can provide a significant discount when agreeing both at the same time.

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