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Structure Based Drug Design Conference 2016

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Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD) has evolved a graphic-Smallgreat deal over the past 30 years since the concept of the “Lock and Key” hypothesis was first reduced to practice in the HIV-1 protease field, leading to the rational design of a number of molecules that are at the forefront of effective therapy. Evolution of techniques such as x-ray crystallography, NMR and computational chemistry have enabled a more informed understanding of binding events, encouraging many groups to employ SBDD strategies to a wide range of drug-relevant targets.

Zing’s inaugural SBDD event will showcase many of the advances made in structural biology, fragment-based methodologies and computational chemistry, demonstrating how these have been used to enable drug discovery programmes in a range of drug target classes from enzymes, to more complex GPCR’s and PPI’s. The conference will also feature some of the emerging technologies in the field, which will serve as a glimpse into the future of drug discovery as SBDD becomes more diverse and unrestrained.

You will enjoy the opportunity to engage with many of the pace-setters in the SBDD field, leaving with fresh ideas and concepts that will help to continue to build success in your drug discovery efforts.

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Talk Consideration Deadline: 12th December 2015 Extended to 30th December 2015……..Poster Submission Deadline: 12th January 2016

For general abstract information or to download a copy of our abstract template please follow the links below.

If you have already registered for this conference and now wish to submit your abstract or send a revised version, you can either Sign In to your account and add the abstract or Submit Your Abstract directly to us using the links below.

The Conference Chairs


Steve Swann
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Justin Bower
Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

The Venue

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
Carlsbad, San Diego. USA.



21st – 24th February 2016

Surrounded by natural beauty and tucked away in a secluded area of Carlsbad, California, sits Omni La Costa. Located 30 miles from the San Diego International Airport, Omni La Costa brings delegates to a unique destination that breaks away from the ordinary and provides an idyllic location to serve as a conference host.

With a privileged location offering spectacular views of the green terrain and of The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch situated 5 miles away. The excellent cuisine served in the restaurants promises to satisfy even the most demanding of palates, while the lounge provides the perfect setting to continue networking over a drink in relaxed surroundings at the end of the day.

Venue Rating****
Nearest AirportSan Diego Int’l
TransfersInfo & Bookings


Airport Transfers

San-Diego-Transfers-Custom-e1452160531323For airport transfers from San Diego airport to Omni La Costa Resort you can use the following link to book a transfer with Supershuttle. They offer a discounted rate for Zing Delegates booking shared rides, or you can book a private sedan for your transfer.
Transfer Information & Bookings

Should you prefer, you can call Supershuttle to make your booking on 1-800-blue-van and use code VZPJN to receive your discount .

Plenary Speakers


Pär Nordlund
Nanyang Technological University & Karolinska Institute
Biophysics in the cell – CETSA to guide drug discovery


José Duca
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.
Redefining Structure-Based Drug Design: From First Principles to Discovery


Miles Congreve
Heptares Therapeutics
Allosteric binding sites on GPCRs – A new opportunity for Structure-Based Drug Design


Harren Jhoti
Astex Pharmaceuticals
Simplifying Complexity Using Fragments


Michelle Arkin
University of California, San Francisco
Small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions: reflections and projections

Invited Speakers

Dietrich-CustomJustin Dietrich
Important Aspects of Fragment Screening Collection Design
Judd_AndrewAndy Judd
Structure-based Drug Design of Selective BCL-XL Inhibitors
JoshJoshua Salafsky
Biodesy Inc.
Second-harmonic generation (SHG) as a sensitive, real-time probe of protein structure
jcrawfordJames Crawford
Discovery of potent and kinase-selective p21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1) inhibitors.
pellecchia-CustomMaurizio Pellecchia
University of California, Riverside
Structure-based design of covalent inhibitors targeting protein-protein interactions (PPIs)
picture2Alison Woolford
Astex Pharmaceuticals
Exploitation of a Novel Binding Pocket in Lp-PLA2 Discovered Through X-Ray Fragment Screening
NowakThorsten Nowak
Discovery of Novel Orexin-1 Selective Antagonists using NMR-Guided Conformational Design
13fbcb6Vicki Nienaber
Zenobia Therapeutics
Starting small and staying small: A guiding principle for fragment library design, fragment optimization and structure-based drug design
woodhead-CustomSteven Woodhead
Takeda California, Inc.
Structure Guided Design and Optimization of Selective Kinase Inhibitors from Fragment Starting
dakinLes Dakin
Binding site elucidation and structure guided design of novel macrocyclic IL-17A antagonists
waterson-CustomAlex G. Waterson
Vanderbilt University
Fragment Inspired Leads for Inhibition of RPA70N Protein-Protein Interactions
seangish-CustomMichael Seganish
Structure Based Design of Novel IRAK4 Inhibitors
cummingJared Cumming
Discovery of Verubecestat (MK-8931): A BACE Inhibitor in Phase 3 Clinical Development for Alzheimer’s Disease
no-photo-long-e1442589051773Paul Sprengeler
eFFECTOR Therapeutics
A disciplined approach to the design of a potent, selective MNK1/2 inhibitor
lawson-CustomDavid Lawson
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Halogen Bonds: Separating Rumours from Reality in Molecular Design
Murray-CustomBrion W. Murray
Pfizer Inc
The VEGFR2 drug axitinib effectively inhibits BCR-ABL1(T315I) with a distinct binding conformation

Contributing Speakers

Carsten Detering
BioSolveIT Inc.
Anneli Nordqvist
Stephan Zech
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
Samy Meroueh
Indiana University School of Medicine
Dora Toledo Warshaviak
Michael Drummond
Chemical Computing Group
Christopher Bayly
Open Eye Scientific
Mark Mackey

Poster Highlight Presenters

Nupur Verma
University of Cambridge
David Rooklin
Simone V Bigi
Takeda California, Inc.

Conference Programme

programme-pic-e1436367393550A copy of the conference programme can be viewed by using the link below.
Please Note: This programme is subject to change. The programme will be updated regularly as information is received and we will always display the most current version here. We strongly recommend periodically reviewing this document.

Conference Programme

Conference Fees

We can offer 3 types of registration for the conference. Please review the available options to select the most appropriate for you. If you have any questions regarding the registration options, please get in touch via info@zingconferences.com

  • An Event Pass with private accommodation.
    This package provides full conference attendance and private accommodation at the conference venue. Sold Out
    When Registering select – Academic/Industry
  • An Event Pass with shared accommodation.
    Share a room with another delegate at the venue to receive the best priced conference attendance and accommodation package. Sold Out
    When Registering select – Sharer
  • An Event Pass without accommodation
    Provides full conference attendance whilst leaving you free to make your own accommodation arrangements.
    When Registering select – Event Pass
Academic/Industry Option
Earlybird Price $1250* Sold Out
Earlybird Price valid until 16th Nov ’15

Standard Price $1400 Sold Out
Standard Price valid from 17th Nov ’15

Accommodation Nights – 21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb

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Sharer Option
Earlybird Price$799*Sold Out
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Standard Sharer Price $1050 Sold Out
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Accommodation Nights – 21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb

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Event Pass Option
Earlybird Price $685*
Earlybird Price valid until 16th Nov ’15
Standard Price $899
Standard Price valid from 17th Nov ’15


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 Academic/Industry & Sharer Option fees include

  • Conference registration
  • Accommodation at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
  • Welcome reception
  • Attendance to all scientific sessions
  • Conference Pack containing programme & abstract collection
  • Wifi in conference room, public areas and guest rooms
  • Breakfasts
  • Buffet lunches
  • Evening meals
  • Farewell Dinner
  • All coffee breaks during the conference
  • Poster Session & refreshments
  • Ample time & opportunities for networking
  • On-site assistance from Zing staff available throughout the conference

Accommodation Information

We offer the reduced rate Sharer option based on 2 persons sharing a room at the conference. Please be aware if you book this package you will be sharing a room with another same sex attendee. If you would like to nominate another attendee to share the room, please notify us of this fact in the ‘Special Requirements’ field of the registration form.

Academic/Industry registrants will be allocated a private room at the venue

Event Pass fees include

  • Conference registration
  • Welcome reception
  • Attendance to all scientific sessions
  • Conference Pack containing programme & abstract collection
  • Wifi in conference room
  • Buffet lunches, including the last day
  • Evening meals on Days 1 & 2
  • Farewell Dinner (Evening Meal on Day 3)
  • All coffee breaks during the conference
  • Poster session & refreshments
  • Ample time & opportunities for networking
  • On-site assistance from Zing staff available throughout the conference

Event Pass fees do not include

  • Accommodation at the conference venue.
  • Breakfast

Accommodation reservations for the venue can be made directly by delegates via the Reservations link in the section below.

*Please Note: When you register with the Sharer, Academic or Industry option, we will not secure your room at that time. Until Zing Conferences receives full payment of your invoice, your room will not be reserved and places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. We have a limited number of rooms secured at the advertised rates. 

Academic or Industry rates are for one person only to stay in the room. Should you wish additional guests (such as wife, husband or children) to stay in the room with you additional fees will be payable.

The Earlybird Rates are valid for those who register and pay in full by 16th Nov 2015. After this date, the fees will return to the standard prices

Prices are shown and payable in Dollars. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card payment. We can no longer accept payment by cheque.


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