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Sustainability Policy


We at Zing Conferences pride ourselves in respecting and protecting the environment but at the same time delivering an outstanding service. Zing Conferences embraces sustainable practices both in our offices and in each country we hold conferences. We always endeavour to be green.

We constantly practice to reduce our carbon footprint and seek to improve sustainability. Here are just some of the ways we practice our policy

  • We contract with environmentally certified hotels
  • We ensure that accommodation has recycling and waste minimisation, water efficient measures in place and energy efficiency measures.
  • We ask all sponsors, media and the hotel to support us in protecting the environment such as brochures.
  • We always focus on minimising paper usage through electronic communications where possible.
  • We encourage all partner venues to offer this service.
  • At the conference we provide delegates with a recycling site for name tags, brochures etc.
  • Due to received feedback, we now provide the abstract collections on USB instead of printed books.