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Thinking of attending a Zing Conference? Curious how previous attendees found the format of our meetings?
Look no further – here are some of the feedback comments we received from our previous conferences.

This has been a very educational and stimulating meeting. I hope Zing continues to pursue this conference in the future,Mark Tibbitt, Heart Valve-Related Disorders 2016
An amazing conference! Awesome experience.Guy Lenk, Lysosomes 2016
Perfect small meeting with good discussion and a good mixture of experienced and younger speakersUlrich Blank, Mast Cells 2016
Really enjoyed the conference – would come again.Luke O’Dell, Developments and Applications of Solid State NMR 2016
The efficiency of the organization was just outstanding. Thanks for offering such an environment to have a great conference and let even the chairs to focus on science. Your company’s professional makes this configuration absolutely win-winAtsushi Urakawa , Carbon Dioxide Catalysis 2016
Great facilities and staff. Fantastic organisation – everything was greatApril Kloxin, Polymer Chemistry 2014
Thank you for putting this spectacular meeting on the stage; we all learned and interacted a lot and had a great time, well done! Absolute success!Tone Tønjum, Genomic Integrity 2015
The Cairns meeting was a great experience; the science was fantastic and the location was spectacular! Thanks for the great efforts of Roger, the other organisers and the rest of the Zing team!Yinsheng Wang, Genomic Integrity 2015
My husband and I are still talking about the magnificent conference organised in Oropesa. The only adjective that comes to mind is SUPERB. Thanks so much for all your support.Clara Viñas, Medicinal Chemistry of Boron Compounds 2015
For sure one of the best meetings I have ever been to, awesome! Thanks to Jeff and Christine for making it happen and to the Zing staff for the flawless organization.Gilles van Wezel, Bacterial Cell Biology 2013
It was an honour to be awarded a poster prize at Ribosomes 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference and would like to thank the organisers for the award and the great meeting.Homa Ghalei, Ribosomes 2013
I was extremely delighted for being awarded at the Ribosomes meeting and I felt that my small contribution to the ribosome field matters; which is naturally what every scientist aspires to.Yasher Hashem, Ribosomes 2013
I think the meeting in Cancun was a fantastic success. Everyone seemed to feel it was the best meeting they’d attended in a long time.David Lilley, Nucleic Acids 2014
Thanks again to the Zing team for the outstanding job and making the conference such a success.Anne Goldfeld, Understanding and Targeting Host Factors in HIV, TB and Other Infections 2015
Excellent conference for networking and scientific discussion.Andrew Mellor, Immune System For a Theraprutic Benefit 2015
Found this conference to be a very high standard. Excellently organised – Five stars.Bijay Kumar Padhi, Barriers of The CNS 2015
I really enjoyed the conference and like the format.Andrea Rawlings, Bionanomaterials 2015
Extremely well organised.Gero Frisch, Electrochemistry 2015
The staff were fantastic! Very attentive and nice.Margareta Hammarlund-Udenaes, Barriers of The CNS 2015
Excellent conference for networking and scientific discussions.Andrew Mellor, Immune System For a Therapeutic Benefit 2015
The conference was a great learning experience getting to hear from a wide range of expert speakers.Abhinav Parivesh, Genomic Integrity 2015
Wonderful ConferenceIsabel Schick, Nanomaterials 2013
Very impressed with the professionalism & friendliness of the Zing Staff & meeting facilitiesPenny Beuning, Enzymes, Coenzymes & Metabolic Pathways 2013
God selection of speakers and nicely organisedKonstantinos Tsirigos, Protein & RNA Structure Prediction 2013
Professional equipment & Staff – Great work.Robert Pilstål, Protein & RNA Structure Prediction 2013
Zing Staff were very helpful and personable and the quality of speakers was a positive surpriseEbbe Nordlander, Coordination Chemistry 2013
Great conference with great speakers and an excellent hotelSoumyajit Roy, Coordination Chemistry 2013
Really great conference…..you get to talk to everyoneErica Ording-Wenker, Coordination Chemistry – 2013
Beautifully organised. Thank you all for your dilligent workMatthew Bailey, Bacterial Cell Biology 2013
Excellent! My favourite conferenceJie Xiao, Coordination Chemistry 2013
The location and all the Zing staff were fanyastic!Kiaran Kirk, 4th Drug Discovery Conference 2014
Not enough superlatives to describe the science, the venue and the conference as a whole!! Fantastic!!Marco A Ciufolini, Asymmetric Synthesis 2014
The conference quality was excellentPatricia Jennings, Protein Folding 2014
Great venue and excellent supportGraeme Mardon, Genes, Epigenetics and Evolution in Eye Development and Disease 2014
Staff are fantastic – terrific conferenceBudd Tucker, Genes, Epigenetics and Evolution in Eye Development and Disease 2014
I would attend this kind of meeting again with pleasureAnna Kulik, Oxidative Stress 2014
Really high quality conference – greatly enjoyableDong Wang, Nucleic Acids 2014 2014