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Zing Scientific Advisory Board

Zing Conferences is incredibly grateful to our advisory board, whose advice and wisdom supports us in our endeavours. The advisory board is made up of key contributors to successful conferences that give general advice on all areas of conference content and organisation in addition to advocating on behalf of underrepresented communities in science such as women and students. Taking advice from experienced scientists and conference chairs allows us to meet our company objectives as defined in our mission statement and maximise the profit we earn to reinvest back into the scientific community.Jane Hill, Zing CEO


Roger Woodgate
National Institutes of Health

Dr. Roger Woodgate has devoted his scientific career to understanding the molecular mechanisms of damage-induced mutagenesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. He received his Ph.D., from the University of Sussex in Brighton England and for the past 24 years has worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Roger will carry out his role in the advisory board in his free time outside his work commitments with the NIH.


Marie-Louise Saboungi

Marie-Louise Saboungi is Full Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the French Universities and shares her research between the University of Orleans, the CNRS and the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. She served as Director of a research institute in Orleans (CRMD) for 10 years and as Co-Director of the Materials, Energy and Geosciences Thrust Area at Orleans. Prior to that she was a Senior Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, where she established…Read more


David Lilley
University of Dundee

Professor Lilley has worked on the structure and dynamics of branchpoints in nucleic acids for almost 30 years. This was initially focussed on DNA, and especially the four-way junction – the Holliday junction of genetic recombination.

David Lilley has always worked at the interfaces between sciences, firmly believing that the most excitement is always found at these boundaries. As a graduate student in quantum chemistry…Read more


Julian Sale
MRC Lab. of Molecular Biology