How to stimulate blood flow with food ?

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Vitamins & Suppliments

We know that for a fact, having a good blood surge is an important parameter for sports and for wellness. Obviously, when your blood is making its path through every organ and every muscle the right way, the body is well-prepared for doing an effort. For more than a year now, the wellness of the body and the mind is everywhere. With the restriction and the COVID-19 crisis, citizens of all countries have decided to start doing sports and take care of their mind and body. Today, we are going to explain you how to stimulate your blood surge with food. 

How to measure your blood flow ? 

First of all, we will start by telling you how to measure this blood flow through your veins. For that, you will need something very specific : a transcranial doppler. See how to get one on Thanks to numerical projects and the new inventions, doctors and surgeons can now calculate with efficiency how the blood is flowing through your body. The transcranial Doppler is a little helmet that you will put on the top of your head. This Doppler will calculate how the blood works on the brain and on the body. It will help the surgeons to know if your blood flow is normal or need some assistance. In many cases, this measure helps the doctors to know how a body can react to something and how someone can live through pain or disease. That was something we wanted you to know before we start. 

Foods that will help your blood flow 

Now, let’s begin with some tips and some foods that you can eat to increase significantly your blood flow. By the way, it is important to say that having a good blood surge will help your body and your wellness. So, it is really important to take care of it. To begin, we have to say that the fruits are the perfect foods for blood circulation on your body. Why ? Because they are containing vitamins E or P. These vitamins will help your blood to circulate way better than expected. In meaning of fruits, which fruits are the better for your blood surge. In fact, there are many fruits that can help you, you can eat : walnuts, red berries like strawberries, etc. 

Otherwise, you can find many vegetables that you can also eat to help your blood flow. Avocados, peppers, or broccoli are excellent because they contain vitamin C. The vitamin C is really a magical protein that can help your body. In fact, this vitamin act like an energizer into your body. Obviously, drink like two litters of water can also help the body. Yes, the water and only the water could be your diet. To conclude, we have to make a list of all the foods that we don’t advise you : sodas, red meat and all the foods that are too much salty or fatty. With this diet, you will regain a good blood flow in almost than a month or maybe earlier.