Mindfulness in 2020

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Mindfulness 2020

Mindfulness in 2020 has got much importance as the year 2020 is full of fear anxiety and depression due to prevailing of hazardous situation caused by Corona virus diseases. Almost everyone is forced to stay at home. Some people are spending time at home with their families and are in better condition. But people who are alone at home or admitted at hospitals and are unable to communicate with their love ones. They are facing mental problems such as depression and fear. In this situation mindfulness is the best companion to overcome fear and depression. They don’t know how to get rid off their fear and depression.

Mindfulness is the best way to overcome your fear and depression without any medication. Mindfulness can change your life and will fill your mind with positivity. Mindfulness in 2020 would revive your happiness and you would be able to lead a good life.

What is Mindfulness?

Most of the people would be wondering that what is mindfulness and how can do it. What are the benefits they will get?  What is the proper time to do mindfulness exercise?  You will find answers of your each question.


Mindfulness is a state in which you focus in your present state. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment without any judgment.  You may focus your attention on your breath. If thoughts are chattering in your mind don’t judge them. Let your thoughts go away. You have to treat your thoughts as cars are moving on the road and you are just watching them without any judgment. After some time you will fell that your brain calming down. All chattering of your mind is vanishing. It is the time when you will feel that all your worries are disappearing and you are feeling inner peace & happiness.

How to Do Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is easy to do. Everyone can do it. You can do mindfulness everywhere such as:

  1. Home
  2. Office
  3. During Journey

Time of Mindfulness:

You can do mindfulness exercise at every time. When you have spare time you can do mindfulness to freshen you mind. But if you want to get its ultimate benefits you should do mindfulness exercise at the following time.

  1. In the morning

The oxygen level in the atmosphere is at peak level in the morning. There is minimal noise in the environment. You will find peace, calm, freshness and energy at that time. This is the best time to do mindfulness to boost your energy level in your body and brain.

  1. Afternoon :

The second best time for mindfulness is 2-3 pm.  After doing some work in the office / home you should have mindfulness session to make you fresh and energetic. The work stress will be reduced and you will be ready to take new assignments.

  1. At Night

Another best time for mindfulness is night. The night and the morning have some similarities such as both are calm. Night darkness naturally has peace and calm. Have 15 minutes mindfulness exercise will give you a better sleep.

Mindfulness Techniques:

The following are easiest ways to do mindfulness:

  • Focus on your breath
  • Focus your attention in the middle of your forehead / between eye brows.
  • You may imagine anything you like such as : flowers, sun, moon
  • You may imagine that blue light is showering from sky at your head and passing through your body and taking away all your worries. The blue light imagination has soothing effects on your brain and makes you calm. People who are facing severe depression and panic attacks are advised to do blue color mindfulness exercise up to 15 minutes. In a few days they will feel positive changes in your life. They will feel relax and lesser panic attacks.

Kinds of Mindfulness:

  • Simple mindfulness technique in which you focus on some moment such as your breath in & out.
  • Color imagination/object (flower etc) mindfulness exercise in which you imagine some specific color ( blue ) is pouring from sky and your body absorbing it.

Postures during Mindfulness:

The mindfulness exercise is very easy to perform. You can do it as you wish.

  1. You can sit in a comfortable chair sitting with straight back.
  2. You may lay down on a couch / bed
  3. You may do mindfulness exercise with crossed legs posture. Always sit relaxed with straight back.
  4. Even you can do mindfulness while standing.


Benefits of Mindfulness:

  1. Overcome Anxiety, fear and depression.
  2. Better mental and physical health.
  3. Better memory
  4. Self-confidence increases.
  5. Better communication power.
  6. Normalize blood pressure
  7. Better sleep
  8. Reduces chattering of mind.
  9. Boost your immune system.


Conclusion: Almost everyone is leading stressful life .Mindfulness is an easy way to make our life stress free. Everyone can do mindfulness exercise at anytime and anywhere. Mindfulness remodels your brain by removing negative thoughts. It makes your brain static & calm by lowering chattering of your mind that gives your mind a chance to reset and remodel to a better personality.